Questions to help you choose the right paints

Most paint retailers sell a bewildering array of coatings, and this can make it difficult for anyone to pick the right paint. In spite of this, there is a way you can streamline your paint selection, and i will share with you some of them that i learned from Answering the following six questions will help guide you through and make clear which paint is best for you.

How sensitive are you to “paint smell”?

If you are the type that dislikes the smell of paint, focus on water-based latex paints, because they have little or no odor when compared to oil-based coatings. In addition, latex paints make cleanup easy and they are very good on all interior surfaces. This is why latex paints are more favored by professional painters and do-it-yourself (ers) alike.

Will there be much activity in the space you are painting? Woodwork and walls can easily become soiled if there is a lot of activity in the room. In this case, the best thing to do is to use a high gloss or semi-gloss paint, that will resist stains and will be much easier to clean. But if your room will see little activity, feel free to use any type of paint.

What kind of atmosphere do you want to create in the room?

If your intention is to make the space feel cozy, then you should consider using a warm hue, such as yellow, red or orange; if you want a cool feel, then you can choose a blue or green paint.

Also see tips to picking paint for interior work

Also see tips to picking paint for interior work

Do you wish the dimensions of the room were bigger or smaller?

You can alter the perception of the room by selecting the right color of paint if you think the space seems cramped or cavernous. Light paint colors make a room seem larger and darker colors can make it feel more intimate.

How often do you typically repaint?

If you don’t paint frequently, you might want to make sure you apply a very durable paint that will continue to look good over time. In such cases, the best paint is to use a top quality 100% acrylic latex interior paint.

How much time do you want to spend on this project?

If the slotted time for this project is limited, or you just want to quickly complete the painting, then you should consider using a paint and primer product that works like two coatings in one. You will likely need to apply fewer coats, which can greatly speed up the job.

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