Mid last year, I happened to damage my front door glass while i was carrying out a window replacement project, and i discovered i knew very few things when it comes to buying a front door; This is what prompted this article after conducting series of research. 

A front entrance door do not only add beauty and make your house look new and renovated, but also serves as the first point that most people notice when they approach or drive by your house. Your door can tell a lot about you, your home, and your life. Your door can welcome people in or cause insecurity or hesitation. Keeping all these in mind, it is no wonder that the choice of the right front door can be a daunting task. Undoubtedly, the fact that the front door is the first thing noticed is a very important factor to consider when buying a new front door.

The other factor to consider is access. Your door should not only add beauty and invite people to knock, but it should also allow easy access. Things like door handles and door design definitely matter, but the size of your front door should also be put into consideration. If a major change in size is warranted, this is the time to figure that out. You want to be sure it will open wide enough to fit the new stove or your upgrade to a double bed; and I’m sure more than one of us has bought a new couch to find that there was no way to bring it into the house – without using a chainsaw anyway . This factor may require that you look into the future with the eye of your mind, but it is worth thinking.

The third factor to consider is safety. In this day and age, keeping your home safe from intruders is a must. You have to consider where you live and how much of a threat forced entry to your home is. Things like locking options, door materials, door thickness and options of glass are useful considerations when the safety of your household is at stake. You will want to get expert advice where this is concerned. Another aspect of the safety of your door is to ensure that unwanted pests cannot find a way in. Pests like mice can slip under a door with a hole the width of a pencil! Making sure that your new door is impenetrable by man and animals is a major concern.

Another consideration is weather and climate. What is the weather condition like where you live? You want to be sure your new door can keep the warm air in the cooler months and cool air during the warmer months. Also important, it should keep drafts and cold winds of winter from finding a place to blow through. You want to be sure your door is energy efficient, and you want to be sure you understand the options that are available for the model you are considering for weather insulation, stripping and glass.

The last, and perhaps most important of the factors to consider when buying a new front door is the place to go. Improper installation can lead to heat loss, increase cooling and heating costs, as well as access for pests and perhaps intruders. Bad or poor material quality may cause door to wear out fast and can allow opening and easy damage.

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