How to Paint a Golf Cart

How to Paint a Golf Cart

Today we will be covering how to paint a golf cart, after reading an article in i eventually came up with an idea, Like any other small vehicle, a golf cart should be properly maintained and this includes giving it a new coat of paint ocassionally.

Painting a golf cart is not time-consuming and it is very simple to complete.

If painted thoroughly, the paint job can make the golf cart look brand new, thereby increasing the resale value.

Clean the Cart

You will have to wash the golf cart so that it is spotlessly clean. Use scrubbing brushes and brushes to remove all stubborn areas of dirt.

Hot water is better because it will soften up the debris and make it easy to remove. Clean every inch until you are satisfied that the cart is as clean as can be.

Sand the Cart

Use P400 grit abrasive paper to sand over the whole golf cart frame and the panel work.
Sand back every areas of paint that may be flaking and the other surrounding areas.

This will create a smooth surface for paint to stick to and it also prevents the paint from peeling off later.

Cover the Cart

Protect the areas that will not be painted. Use a large cloth to cover the area or simply lay down some newspaper over them.

This will prevent paint from spoiling the interior of the cart or any other area you wish to keep clean.

To cover lights, trims and other small accessories on the golf cart, use masking tape and Before priming, ensure the cart is free from dust.

Apply Primer

Apply a good layer of suitable aerosol primer to the cart, making sure the application is even.

Leave the primer to dry before adding another coat if needed. Once dry, the primer should be sanded down with P1000 grit paper.

Apply Paint

Use an appropriate color of aerosol to paint the golf cart. Work from top to bottom with light and even strokes, ensuring that each application crosses over the previous one so as to avoid striping.

Let the paint dry and then add up to two more layers of paint, depending on the coverage qualities of the paint you are using.

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